What is a mobile-optimized website?

A mobile-optimized website is not just a shrunken version of a traditional, desktop-friendly website. Mobile optimization is the process of adjusting your website content to ensure that visitors who access the site from mobile devices have an experience customized to their device.

Responsive Design for Mobile Websites

Sometimes it’s best to create a dedicated mobile site which allows users to switch freely between the two versions.

Typically, a dedicated mobile website is a condensed version of the full desktop site. Content and features are streamlined so that mobile visitors can get information or take action immediately. Images, videos and large documents are usually removed due to bandwidth limitations on typical phone data plans.

Otherwise, if the client’s website is developed with a modern framework, you might utilize responsive design which detects what device it’s being used on so the site can automatically adapt to suit the screen size.

Normally, mobile-optimized websites:

  • Load quickly
  • Have a responsive web design
  • Have less text
  • Have simplified drop-down menus
  • Have large and easily targeted buttons
  • Have prominent calls-to-action
  • Have fewer moving parts
  • Have fewer pop-ups
  • Have fewer text boxes to fill out
  • Have strongly featured contact information and store hours

If you feel as if you’re getting ahead of yourself and you need to go back to the basics before we really begin, you can refresh yourself about domain names here.

8 Advantages of a mobile website

There are many benefits to having a mobile-optimized website, so much so that without one your online presence can be severely affected. Here are eight reasons why you need a mobile website.

1. Most people have mobile devices

The top reason to ensure your website is attractive and fully functional on all mobile devices is simply because mobile devices are so popular among everyone, including potential patrons. You’ll want to safeguard your online presence with a good impression among the increasing number of people who’ll be accessing or having their first impression of your website through their mobile devices.

2. Mobile users behave differently

Mobile users frequently use their devices, but at shorter intervals. They don’t typically use them for extended periods of time for herculean tasks, they’re more likely to be using them for a few seconds at a time while they’re multitasking.

Impatient mobile users can’t wait for massive graphics to load, or have the attention spans to click through your website to find the information they want. Typically, people will abandon a website taking more than three seconds to load, so mobile-optimized sites are designed bearing this type of user behavior in mind.

3. Mobile users are bigger buyers

Mobile devices give people the power to be informed consumers. They can use their phones to instantly read product reviews and compare brands, when hesitant.

Mobile consumers also use their phones to find discounts, research sales, and seek out clearance items. In fact, many serious consumers even go online before heading out to the store, even if it’s just to see if the item is in stock.

4. Mobile users are typically multitaskers

People can check social media, look up directions, and check the weather in under a minute, thanks to smartphones.

To keep them on your website long enough to find what they want before switching screens, your website must be mobile-optimized to grab a site visitor’s attention right away. you’ll also have to make it easier for them to pick up where they left off on your website if they get interrupted by a call or notification, for example.

5. Mobile landing pages require different strategies

A mobile-optimized website allows you to really focus on people on the go. For example, on your mobile site, you must only include the most important information about your company. Bearing this in mind, mobile landing pages offer you the chance to really streamline your message, so your customers can hear you in such a saturated space.

6. Google favors mobile-optimized websites

By switching to mobile first indexing for all websites, Google now ranks a website higher if it’s optimized for mobile viewing. This means, to provide better search rankings, Google is first looking to see if your site is mobile friendly.

The company made this change to make it easier for ‘netizens’ to get relevant, high-quality search results, optimized for their devices. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) companies make mobile website optimization a big part of their SEO strategies.

  • SEO companies also recommend having a unique domain name from the get-go, so you can read here for more information on that.

7. Mobile users share more online

A great thing about mobile devices is how easy it makes sharing interesting content with others. On a mobile device, you’ll notice social media buttons or the word SHARE is featured prominently at the top, bottom or even throughout the article.

If a SHARE button is absent, it’s built into the device’s browser, meaning mobile users and their social media accounts are inherently linked. The cleaner your site looks and the easier it is on your visitor’s data plan, the likelier they are to share your page with their followers.

8. Mobile advertising is less obtrusive

Another reason mobile devices are popular for website browsing is because presently there are fewer advertisements on mobile websites. When you click to view the content, the content is still the prominent object on the page you are viewing.

Be more accommodating to your mobile site visitors by providing them with an experience that minimizes display ads. The ads skew your overall message, are slow to load, can eat up a person’s monthly data allowance, and often appear so small on a hand-held device they become worthless.

In Conclusion

A good mobile-optimized website sets your brand apart in a saturated market, increasing the likelihood that a visitor will become a regular patron. The sites that provide the better user experience will always come out on top rather than a business that has neglected to provide its mobile users a friendly experience. You can sign up for a proper website with us, here.