how to use SEO to get more Visitors

How to Use SEO to Get More Visitors to Your Website

If you want an effective way to market your website without spending a fortune, a good SEO website checker strategy is your best bet. If you’ve been hearing the term SEO for a while but aren’t quite sure what it is or how to use it for your own website, don’t worry about it! We’ll walk you through it right now.

What is SEO, and why is it important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the strategy that gets your website to rank high in search results when potential customers type certain keywords into a search engine. For instance, if you sell funny little Santa hats for birds, good Search Engine Optimization will make your website one of the first websites that pop up when people type “bird Santa hat” into a search engine.

SEO is crucial, because it doesn’t matter how good your website is (or how high-quality your bird hats are). Nobody will buy from your website if they don’t know about it.

You could have hordes of loyal customers who are looking for the very thing you offer on your website, if only they knew it existed.

SEO isn’t something you add after you finish creating your website, though. It needs to be woven into every aspect of your web design.

A good SEO website checker can help you rank higher in search results.

Use an SEO website checker to optimize your SEO strategy

When you create your gorgeous website using our easy-to-use website builder, the next thing you need to do is use our SEO website checker to get a better search engine ranking.

The SEO website checker scans your website to check for errors, broken links and anything else that’s dragging down your search engine ranking.

Here are just some things the SEO website checker looks for:

  • Broken links and coding errors
  • Security issues
  • Level of mobile optimization
  • Load times
  • Where exactly your traffic comes from
  • Comparisons with your competitors

After scanning your website, the SEO website checker gives you a report that shows you the main issues you need to fix. But that’s not all. It also shows you exactly what you need to do to fix these issues, step-by-step.

We love it when your website gets lots of visitors, and we’re committed to helping you create a website you’re proud of.

So as our gift to you, here are seven proven tips you can use with our SEO website checker to attract more visitors:

Seven proven SEO strategies to get more visitors:

1. Choose a great domain name

A great domain name adds credibility to your website. The perfect domain name can mean the difference between having a successful online business that stands out from the crowd and having a business that gets lost in a sea of similar online companies.

When you have a strong, memorable domain name, it’s easier for visitors to find you again and again, even if they don’t bookmark your page on the first visit. This means they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends and family and they’re more likely to provide you with a consistent stream of traffic.

2. Get great web hosting

Web hosting shouldn’t be an afterthought. If your hosting provider has servers that are located far away from where you get most of your customers, or if your hosting provider uses slow servers, your website will be slow, and your customers will be frustrated. Unless you’re the only website in the world that does what you do, you really can’t afford to have a slow website.

So, choose a web host that takes the success of your website seriously and provides great service with quick servers.

3. Index your website

If you want search engines to understand what your website does, you need to make sure they can read your page content. This means that , as far as possible, your site should be text-based, so you have lots of opportunities to add keywords that tell search engines exactly what your website is about.

If you have images, videos, infographics, and other non-text additions to your website, be sure to index them so the search engine knows what it’s looking at.

4. Add a site description

Your site description is another opportunity to give search engines (and potential customers) information about your website. So, add a short description that lays out exactly what your website does. Bonus points if you can add keywords to your site description (without being obvious or obnoxious, of course).

5. Choose your URLs wisely

Your URLs are another good way to tell search engines and your customers about the contents of your website. When you have a URL naming convention that’s text-based and descriptive, you rank higher in search results, because search engines can get more information about what’s on your website.

Let’s say you have a web page that shows your customers accessories for their cars.

A URL with the structure gives search engines a lot more information than

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a sensible URL naming convention. The best part about this is that the bigger your website gets, the more information you’ll be able to give search engines about the contents of your website, without even doing any extra work!

6. Optimize your images

Ensure your images are optimized for search engines.

  • Choose the smallest image files possible so you don’t slow down your website
  • Index your images using meaningful descriptions
  • Add only as many images as you need to. This way, you can use the rest of your web page for text. (Search engines love text!)

Know what else search engines love? Websites that load quickly. Another reason to use only as many images as you absolutely need to is that the more images you add, the more slowly your web pages will load.

7. Create a mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly websites rank higher in search results, because search engine developers know that most people use their mobiles to access websites at least some of the time. This means that a website that can comfortably be viewed on smaller mobile screens will be a better search result than a website whose text will go askew the second it’s loaded on a smaller screen.

Because this is such an important aspect of Search Engine Optimization, we make sure that any website you create using our website builder is fully optimized for mobile use.

Wrapping up

SEO is the easiest and cheapest way to market your website without really doing any extra work and without spending a ton of money.

While the tips in this article apply to any website, it’s impossible for us to know which SEO strategy you’d be better off addressing if you want to see a jump in the number of visitors to your website. To really benefit from an SEO strategy, use our SEO website checker to get advice that’s tailor-made for your website.