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5 Domain Name Search Tips to Land a Winning Name

You have heard countless times the tips and tricks involved in domain name search. So no, this is not that kind of read. Instead, what you will learn today are search strategies to ensure you maximize your chances of finding that winning domain name.

We use the word ‘find’ because you may not yet know what it is, or it may also be registered as the perfect domain for someone else. In such a case, what do you do? Read on to find out. There are various domain name search strategies to find the domain that is right for you and your business.

5 Important domain name search tips

1. Use a domain name generator

Can’t come up with a name on your own? Then get some help from a domain name generator. This means that instead of beginning the domain name search process with the domain name already thought of, you step back a bit and seek help in finding a name.

Domain name generators simply require you to have two to four keywords that you may want to use. They then put together these keywords in various combinations and using other tactics to create several options from which you can choose.

2. Use a domain name search tool

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You may already have an idea of what you want to call your website but knowing how many websites there are in the world, chances are it may already be in use. Try running a domain name search to check for its availability.

Domain name search tools, such as the one we offer at OWN website, sift through the countless domain names out there to check if the one you want is available. If it has not been, then grab it. If it is taken, however, some will provide you with a list of ways you can append your idea to make it more unique. This might be as simple as changing your extension from a ‘.com’ to a ‘.shop’ or a ‘net’. What’s more, you could opt for a website builder plan that comes with free domain name registration.

3. Don’t wait to register

Let’s say you are one of the blessed ones and had no difficulty finding the perfect domain name relatively early. But wait, there is a problem: you are not ready to create your website.

To secure the name, register it!

You can register your domain name without having a website.

What if your domain name search reveals that your winning domain name is already taken? Do you adopt a defeatist approach and “abandon hope”, or do you dig your heels in? You made the right choice. Read on to see what you can do if your domain name search shows your domain name is owned.

4. Check WHOIS database

WHOIS is a database that shows domains and their registered owners. Domains are not permanent. A domain name registration is finite. While some owners will renew their registration, not everyone will and yet there are others who will forget. You could sit around and wait for someone to forget, but you could be more proactive and use WHOIS to approach a domain name owner and open a conversation about the future of the domain.

5. Consider non-traditional domain sale platforms

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In the event a domain name has been purchased with the sole intent of resale, you should consider auction websites as a stop on your domain name search tour. Website auctions are like any other auctions, except that you are bidding for domain names. As such, you will be competing with others who may also want the same domain name, just as badly, or even more, than you do.

After completing your domain name search

1. If you purchase a domain name that was re-owned, do the following:

  • Run a domain name history to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. If there are any doubts, walk away.
  • Check for trademarks and other possible forms of legal violations, because you could lose your investment, and even worse, later on.
  • If you are satisfied and have purchased it, check your DNS settings, and ensure your domain name is pointing to the server you want your visitors to go to.

2. Domain-lock your hard-won prize. Did you know that your domain name can be swiped right out from under your ownership? Yep, it can be. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, ensure you activate this feature. Domain lock, also known as registrar lock, prevents your DNS settings and ownership details from being altered.

Note though that if you decide to transfer ownership of your domain name, you will need to remove this lock.

3. Remember earlier you learned about people who forget to renew their domain name registrations? Don’t fall into that pickle.

You can activate auto-renew features, create automatic renewals on your credit card, set a reminder in your calendar a couple months before, among many other ways, to ensure you never miss a payment. There could be someone lurking for the same chance you may have capitalized to get your perfect domain name.


Since so many websites are being created, you will need to get increasingly creative when performing a domain name search. Extend your search to include often ignored locations, and do not despair if your domain of choice has already been registered. However, do not stop when you have found and registered your winning domain name. You must ensure you keep it from the waiting hands of others.

Happy domain hunting.