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Tips to Create a Dazzling One-page Website

We live in a fast-paced society where people are always on the move. This “always on the go” lifestyle limits the amount of time we have to spare between movements. This is why many people and organizations have started to adjust the way they capture the attention of busy people. One of these adjustments comes in the form of creating one-page websites.

A One-page website is a single webpage with all its content displayed on a single page. It is a brilliant solution that helps in capturing the attention of a busy audience. However, for a one-page website to work effectively, you have to make sure it is well designed, professional and attractive to look. If you don’t already know how to do this, we’ve got you!

Today we’ll explore the different ways in which you can create a dazzling one-page website that keeps viewers interested for longer and also have them always returning for more. Ownwebsite will be right here to help you create your drool-worthy site. But first, it’s time to learn the secret to creating a jaw-dropping one-page website.

5 Main Things to Consider When Creating A One-Page Website.

While it’s easier to create a one-page website as opposed to one with several pages, it still requires time and effort. Here are the top five things that you should think about before you start building your one-page website. These are:

  • Content arrangement
  • Device compatibility
  • Videos and images
  • Social media linkage

Let’s explore these building blocks for your website:

1. Purpose of the website

Before creating a website, you need to decide why you are creating it. The purpose of your website is the single biggest motivation behind everything about how it will look, feel and the audience you attract.How attractive your webpage will look and how much text, image and video content will be displayed all goes back to the purpose of it.

Also, having a strong purpose in mind for your one-page website limits you from posting distracting content and keeps you focused on a specific target.

2. Content arrangement

We are creatures of habits and once a habit is formed it is difficult to break. Some habits are good, and others not so much. Some are intentionally developed while others are unintentional. In recent civilization, we have developed the habit of reading from left to right and with the booming technological era, our attention span has become shorter and we have become impatient beings. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the content we post to our websites.

In a one-page website, it is wise to sequence content and design elements according to hierarchy. Here is how it is done:

  • The most important items should be placed above the fold or towards the top of the page
  • The additional sections and explanations should be towards the bottom of the page.

This order ensures that people are hooked within minutes of viewing.

3. Device compatibility

An “always on the go” lifestyle means that we rarely pause to smell the proverbial rose (though we should for our sanity). Most of our browsing history can be tracked from our mobile phones and not our computers as was the case in the past.

That makes a one-page website just perfect for mobile devices since it facilitates easy browsing. Scrolling down a one-page website is a lot easier than navigating a multi-page website with a complex structure. It’s more comfortable and simpler to access various sections within the same page, as opposed to jumping from page A to page B, and back.

Learn more about optimizing websites for mobile devices here.

4. Videos and images

Short attention span means that persons require exciting content to keep site visitors’ interest for more than a minute at a time. Sure words are great for expressing ideas but it’s more effective when combined with relevant videos and images. Videos and images give the eyes a break from the cluster texts often form.

When you are working with a one-page website, it is easier for texts to become large clusters and large clusters will dissuade readers. Just like adding an adequate amount of salt to meals enhance the flavor of dishes, adding relevant videos and images will give your one-page website the spice it needs to make readers drool with interest.

Learn about the best practices for image size on websites here.

5. Social media linkage

If we are all honest with ourselves, then we can admit that social media sites are the first things we view in the morning and the last things we view and nights. This may not be a healthy habit; however, we cannot deny that we all have this habit in varied levels. Linking our social media sites to our websites is a great way to increase daily traffic. And if you really want to drive traffic to your website, try social media giveaways that can only be redeemed on your website. This is bound to drive traffic to your site because we all love prizes and surprises.


One-page websites are growing in popularity due to the advancement in mobile technology and our busy lifestyles. It makes browsing on the go effortless. This is why having a website that is attractive and easy to navigate is the best way to advertise products and services.

No one has time for boring and hard to control sites. Use our sitebuilder and we will have your stunning one-page site up and running in no time.