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Set Up Your Own Business Website In 5 Easy Steps

The thought of creating your very own site for your business may seem daunting, but, there’s no need to worry. In this blog, we will explore the essential steps you will need to take to successfully set up a business website.  You’ll also learn about all the ways that ownwebsite can help create a stunning business site.

5 Easy steps to start your own business

So, let’s get started with these 5 easy steps you should take when creating your business website.

1. Choose the best website host

Having a good web host should be a staple when setting up any business website. A knowledgeable and reliable site builder will help you create a high-performance business website.

Using a great host helps to bring your website to life. Hosting is succinct with keeping your website online 365. So, ensure you check hosting reviews and make sure your host is capable of keeping your website online without interruptions.

When you start a website for your business, you want to build a reliable front for people connect with you and view your services. This is why 99.9% – 100% uptime is so important for building trust online.

2. Secure your own domain name

Once you create your own business website, you will need to secure your unique domain name.

  • Be strategic about choosing your domain name because this is what people will use to locate your website.
  • Be sure to keep your domain name short and easy to remember.
  • Avoid using any special characters or weird spellings.
  • Above all else, ensure that the domain name you choose represents what your business does.

When you use ownwebsite, you can acquire your unique domain easily and use it free for one whole year. Just choose from one of five domain extensions to get this deal: .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info.

3. Choose a design for your website 

First impressions are lasting. Your new business website should be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to visitors and customers. The design of your website is part of your branding and is extremely important. As a result of this, the layout of your website should be cohesive. Having a winning homepage is an excellent place to start; so, let the fun begin!

Here are some elements you will need to consider for the perfect set up:

  • Choose a crisp, clean and uncluttered design/template to begin with. Use your brand colors and make sure to incorporate them as a recurring theme throughout the entire website. Be sure to avoid curly fonts in the process as well.
  • Have a clearly visible call-to-action prompting your site visitors to make a purchase. Use easy to read graphics. You can also consider using animation in the instance.
  • You should have an easy to use navigation system that clearly displays all your products and services. Never leave any of your website visitors to wonder what you do or what you have to offer or where to find anything.
  • Also, ensure that you have clear high-quality product pictures for display on your site.
  • Your contact information is also very important. By that we mean, your shipping address, information on how to place orders and make queries as well as any phone numbers or email addresses you have.
  • Make sure that your website works well for mobile users, since that where most persons will view your website.

Get all these elements on your site, plus these seven must-have features every successful website has.

4.  Secure your own business website

Your website’s security should be taken seriously. It should create a sense of security for your site visitors and should have top-tier security features to stop hackers in their tracks. You can do this by using SSL certificates, showing off your security tags at your site’s homepage and checkout page. Backing up your website regularly is also recommended.

To help, we’ve put together this list of the most common website issues to protect your business site from.

5. Keep your website updated

When you create your website, the information you have there isn’t set in stone; it can and should always be updated or changed. Maintaining your website is an ongoing process that you must be dedicated to. Keep the content on your website relevant and updated. If you have updated pricing for your items or you have changed your shipping address or payment options, your customers need to know. It’s a business after all.

Web analytics are also part of the maintenance process. Positioning yourself online will make you more visible to potential customers and will also improve your ranking on Google search engine.  Additionally, you can use your website analytics to manage your website’s traffic and track trends such as items most popularly bought as well as any complaints your customers may have.


By following these tips when creating your business website, you’ll be ahead of the game. If you are looking for a trustworthy, high performing web hosting website why not get started with us. Visit ownwebsite to get started on building your website and by extension your empire for as low as $3.00/month.