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Quick Steps to Set Up a Domain Email & Office 365 Mail

Every serious website owner understands the need for having email addresses associated with their website. Professional emails that reflect your company adds to brand identity and helps build credibility among potential customers. Names such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo may suggest personal emails, while Office 365 mail by Outlook might suggest something more professional.

Today, you will learn that this isn’t necessarily the case. Below we outline the steps involved in getting both a free and paid for professional email domain.

What are Email Domains?

An email domain refers to the ‘@’ part of the email address.

In the example ‘’, ‘’ is the email domain.

You could buy/rent your own email servers, and create your own email domains. But you would be re-inventing the wheel and since the wheel has already been invented, you should be looking towards using an established email host.

What is Email Hosting about?

An email host provides server space dedicated solely to your emails and affiliated files. While you have the option of hosting or building your website with one host and then using a different host for your emails, you should know that one company can provide both services. This latter option allows you to benefit from plan bundles, free services and greater efficiency. OWNwebsite offers both services, which leads us into the first method of getting an email domain.

Built-in Email Domains

In addition to the great features that our website building plans come with, you will also get to create custom email domains via cPanel. These are top-level domains (TLDs) including the sought-after .com and others such as .net and .org. This is a free service for one year, which you can easily renew when it expires.

To get a built-in email domain, only two steps are involved:

  1. Sign up for any website building plan (with this comes free email domain)
  2. Configure your email domain to reflect your brand

For a small cost, you could also add WHOIS privacy to protect your contact details online. Our friendly support team is waiting to help set this up for you.

Subscribe to an Email Provider

If you would like an integrated approach, meaning that you will have access to a suite of tools, try Office 365 mail (more commonly known as Outlook). It is included among one of the most popular suite of tools (Microsoft Office 365), for professionals but also for personal use as well. This is because it has both free and paid versions of the same software.

For example, you can get an email account free of cost by using the online (free) version of Office 365 mail. But if you were to upgrade to the paid version, you would gain access to a lot more features. We’ll revisit this topic shortly.

Office 365

Microsoft moved its operations to the cloud when they made their latest upgrades to some of your favorite software, such as Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access. One major advantage of this change is the fact that users in one software can benefit from features across the other software. In other words, none is truly a stand-alone product anymore. A second benefit to users is real-time upgrades.

Office 365 mail comes with several features that will be of benefit to the busy website owner who needs to maximize website maintenance. Examples of these features include inbox management via the Rules feature; email sending delays (in the event you accidentally hit ‘Send’ or forgot to add an attachment…); and combining calendars from more than one platforms into one general calendar.

Getting this is similar to the process described above.

  1. Choose your website building plan
  2. Email our support team to request Office 365 mail
  3. Pay for your subscription

Do not think that you are stuck with an ‘’ email domain. Office 365 mail allows you to personalize your domain so you can match your brand to your email. This will require some configuring at the start of the process, but you only have to do it once and no technical knowledge is required. It is literally as easy as one, two, three!

Hosted Email Exchange

The third and final option we will look at to get an email domain that we will look at is the hosted exchange option.

Option 1 required you to sign up for a plan to get the free email domain that is included.

Option 2 was about adding a subscription service from an external party (in this case Office 365 mail) to a plan. But what if you already have a plan? Can’t you still get an email domain?

Yes, yes you can. This is called a hosted email exchange. You may have your website hosted elsewhere already, so only want email hosting. In this case:

  1. Register for a hosted email exchange package.
  2. Pay the requisite fees and get access to your dashboard.
  3. Configure your email domain (you can use our Email Help Tool which is an automated process or you can manually input the settings; you will also need to configure some DNS settings).


There are many ways you can go about getting an email domain and we examined three of them.

  1. First, you can go the all-in-one route by signing up for website building plans and using the free email domain that is included.
  2. Second, you may opt for a paid service, such as Office 365 mail that will give you access to other Microsoft software.
  3. Finally, you may choose to web host with one provider and email host with another (the opposite of option 1).

Whichever option you choose, it should be based on your own needs.