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How to Start a Blog and Get Paid

With each technological advancement comes a slew of new jobs and job titles as more people find employment working with technology. Some find jobs working with established technology giants as coders and user-interface architects, but more people are opting to work through technology. Instead of a regular, sometimes hefty, paycheck, they prefer to let technology do the earning for them. Many persons have figured out how to earn a living from writing blogs and now you want to know how to start a blog as well and get paid for it.

4 Strategies to start a blog and earn from it

You are one of the latter and have come seeking ways you can earn money from the blog you recently started. Please note that every method may not work for you and your needs, so careful consideration should be given to each. Additionally, it is important that you manage your expectations: none will turn you into a millionaire (not immediately away).

1. Create the Opportunity

Since most of the methods you will learn today require extensive followership, we will start with how to start a blog and ways you can increase visits to your website.

  • Nail the design of your website! Some streams of revenue require that when you attract readers, you keep them there.
  • Our mobiles have become our most ever-present accessory. Chances are your readers will be using it to access your blog. Your website must be mobile-friendly. Be honest, you become peeved when websites fail to load mobile-friendly versions, and so will your readers.
  • Use keywords and phrases in your blog posts to help SEOs improve your search results ranking.
  • Push your blog in all social media platforms.

So you’ve started the blog. Now get paid with one of the 10 methods below.

2. ‘Sell’ your Blog’s Real Estate

There are a few ways to do this. Here’s what you can do:

Sell ads through tools like GoogleAdSense

GoogleAdSense works by allowing Google to use a dedicated space on your website to display ads. You are paid a pre-set price when your readers click on the ads. On the other hand, you may want to be more in control of your pricing, in which case you may want to sell ads directly. This way you can call the pricing shots. Be mindful however that an increasing number of people are utilizing ad blockers.

Get “Real Reviews”

One type of ‘ad’ that is appreciated, and sometimes even requested by your users, is reviews. Manufacturers of products pay you for trying and writing about their products. Prices in these arrangements are usually guided by your fan-base with a larger followership demanding higher prices.

Don’t wait around for companies to approach you. Be bold, and armed with your statistics (number of subscribers, hits, published pieces…), suggest companies pay you to review their products. Chances are, they will. That’s a key lesson on how to start a blog and get paid for it. However, additional research is recommended if you choose this option. Laws exist in several jurisdictions guiding the use of this type of revenue stream.

Affiliate marketing naturally follows

This type of marketing allows you to post links on your website to products that you have reviewed or recommended directing your readers to third-party sellers. You are paid when visitors coming from your website purchase these products.

Start a job board

This last option applies only to some blogs. If your readers are in a true niche market or hold some other element of uniqueness, employers might approach you as a sort of employment bureau. Turning a portion of your website into an online job board would allow you to earn money. Another option is to use an e-newsletter. Even better, you could facilitate not only selling advertising space within your e-newsletter, but job listings as well.

3. Provide Exclusive Content

Remember that most avenues to earning money from blogging come after you have created a large following. In such instances, you can provide exclusive content that you can charge for.

Start a Webinar

Perhaps your market is a new niche market that you are the first to do, invent or uncover something; maybe you know a well-sought-after expert in your field. Whatever the claim to exclusivity is, you always have the option of hosting a webinar and charging for it. Now, you really have to offer something super unique to dare charge for content, because webinars are a dime a dozen.

Create members only content

If you are on your way but have not yet arrived at the ‘paid webinar level’ of expertise, then consider dividing your website into public and members-only. Members or ‘supporters’ (as they are now popularly known) would get access to every nook of the blog. Again, you must be offering truly remarkable rewards to entice subscription. Maybe members could benefit from give-a-ways, more detailed content, or a comments board.

4. Blogging Isn’t JUST Blogging

While you can earn money through the physical blog, you can extend that revenue stream if you become actively involved in the process. Examples include writing tutorials, offering consulting services, speaking engagements, writing books, and selling merchandise.


You are now an expert; your opinion is sought after. Leverage this and earn some money by doing what you already are, such as when you respond to comments. While you may not necessarily charge to respond to a comment a reader left in the ‘Comments’ section, you can charge for more detailed advice, especially if companies solicit this information from you.

Arrange speaking engagements:

After working hard to establish yourself as an expert, you can transition from writing to speaking. Sometimes you will be offered these roles, but do not be afraid to suggest it to conference organizers, or even do a few for free to show that you are open to the idea.

Become an author:

This is perfect for cooks or ‘crafties’. Compile a few of your ideas into a book, and create a new method of sharing with your readers. You can even create an e-version and release it to your subscribers as exclusive content for a period.

Sell merchandise:

Do you have a slogan or a very funny logo? Then slap it on a t-shirt and offer your fan-base merchandise. There really is no limit to what you can personalize and offer for sale. And if you cannot get personally involved in the shipping process, you can always use a third-party service such as drop-shipping.


There are other ways of earning money from your blog, so do not limit yourself. You may even create the eleventh method. What matters most is that you understand that you won’t get rich overnight, and that blogging isn’t only creating excellent content. Steady and consistent effort will reap rewards. That may mean choosing those methods that suit your personality, schedule and/or niche market.