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Create a Blog and Host it Free

One of the important things that you can do to make your website more optimized for search engines is add a blog. Blogs originally were web pages that were created as sort of an online journal that a person could share with others. Gradually, blog platforms turned into websites that are can communicate any information easily.

What is a Blog?

The actual definition of a blog is a shortened version of two words – web log. The web log was a series of ‘posts’ that were displayed in a descending order of date, with the most recent one being the one that was displayed first. This was a platform where people could share their views on a subject and it could be viewed by others and at times, even commented on.


There are a variety of reasons why blogs are created. Some people start blogs to log about their personal lives. And most other blogs are created for businesses. This is so that your business has better visibility. A business runs on the fact that customers buy services or products. And a website that can help you gain better visibility with potential customers is very beneficial. Blogging helps enhance your website and rank your website in higher is Google’s search.

The purpose of a blog is to communicate and connect to a specific audience. A good blog will generate high quality leads for your website.

A blog can also be used to create informative and engaging content that helps build trust with your audience. A great blog makes your business look more real and knowledgeable, which is very important. A blog will show your audience that you are an authority on what you are doing.


The appearance of blogs keeps changing with updates in standards and technology. A blog can now have multiple modules that show information. For example, a blog can have a header with a menu or navigation, a main section with content that can be a list of posts, a sidebar with archives or profiles and a footer with other important information.

Differences between a blog and a website

For people reading this, there will be questions that come up on what separates a website from a blog. It is hard to see difference between the two since most companies now put in blogs to their websites.

Blogs are built around frequent updated posts. There is usually a schedule based on what they do. For example, a food blog might have a frequent post about a meal that was eaten in different places. Blogs are also built around user engagement, and welcome comments and discussions. This helps is keeping content fresh. On the other hand, static websites do not have their content updated often and discourage content engagement.

Another key element is that blog content is usually organized by publishing date and authors. Blogs also contain a by-line, which static websites will not have. The content on the blog is normally dynamic and will be new perhaps daily, monthly or yearly.

Blogging? What is it?

Blogging emerged in the 2000, when several political blogs what started. At that time several blogs with how to manuals were also created. Reputable institutions then began to note the differences between journalism and blogging.

Blogging is a set of skills that is required to run a blog. This may include writing, posting, linking and sharing content to generate good interest.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Earlier news services started to use blogs as an opinion forming source of information. Businesses also started to use blogs as a method of getting feedback on products and services. The more engagement a company has with its customers and clients signifies how trustworthy the business is. Blogging helps bloggers to reach people interested in specific topics. A blog can help provide information for people, moderate discussions and provide opinions on controversial and mainstream topics. Blogs can also be used to generate money. A popular blog can be monetized by various methods. Blogs can also be used to sell services and products.

What is a Blogger?

Blogging has turned into a full-time career choice and many people are choosing to join blogging platforms as the main source of income. Bloggers are those who love to share what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis with an audience. A blogger can blog about art, design, technology, finance etc. Blogging as a carrier provides the flexibility which many people desire.

Blogging permits you to generate content on your own terms, on your own schedule and from wherever you want. Bloggers talk about any topic. This might range from things as simple as waking up to complicated issues like government and human rights. To be a Blogger you need to love and be passionate about topics and try and become the best you can and have the best blog.

Monetized blogs

people who blog can earn money using their blogs. This requires a lot of work. To qualify for monetizing your blog you need to build up Google’s ranking and a good audience. That takes a lot of time and requires some high-quality content. Monetizing your blog will only work after you have establish yourself as an authority in your field.

  • Sure a few methods you can make money through your blog.
  • Sell ad space on your blog or use Google AdSense.
  • Becoming affiliate partner through ad networks.
  • Sell your own digital product such as eBooks and tutorials.
  • Create exclusive content and sell memberships to it.
  • Use your blog to generate content for your business.

If you’re using your blog to generate leads for your business, you can create and start offering exclusive digital products like E books guides or courses in exchange for visitor’s email addresses. This will help you target them as conversions for your sales.

How to start a blog?

There are a few methods to use create your blog website. You first need to decide on a domain and then choose the best blogging platform you are comfortable with. A self-hosted platform is a good idea to start. the most popular self-hosted platform is WordPress. You then need to use a web hosting service like They provide a free domain name when you sign up with them.

Step 1

Go to, Navigate to pricing and choose a plan that suits your purpose. If you are new to blogging, sign up for the beginner plan. If you pick the annual plan and choose a .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info then, the domain is free for the first year. They also offer a drag-and-drop interface and 200+ stunning templates to choose from for the look and feel for your website.

Step 2

Select your domain name and make the payment and follow the instructions to set up your own blogging site.


a blog is a powerful tool when it comes to boosting business or just presenting information and having discussions. To become a relevant blog and to have influence it is important to generate good quality content and engage with your audience. do your research and engage with people who read your website and you will be on your way to influencing the web.