Ownwebsite COVID-19 Announcement

Following the COVID-19 Expert´s updated advice for businesses to arrange for remote working where possible, chose to activate its business continuity plan for workspace related issues with staff working remotely. We will continue to provide all of our services as per normal.  Our systems are designed with availability and resiliency in mind and our infrastructure[…]

tips to register domain names

8 Tips to Register a Domain Name That Stands Out

A great domain name is the key to getting tons of people visiting – and talking about – your website. Here are 8 tips to register a domain name that captures your brand and stands out from the pack!
So ensure that you follow these basic principles when registering domains.
– Make it catchy and memorable.
– Keep it short (get to memorize)
– Make it easy to say
– Be creative and original
Read for more exclusive tips, then register your domain fast before it’s gone!

how to reinforce your websites security

How to Reinforce Your Website’s Security

Good website security is the key to keeping hackers away from sensitive information about you and your visitors. In this guide, we give you ten easy ways to make your website more secure!
Ensure you:
– Get a reliable and secure web Host
– Backup your site
– Update plugins
– Clean up your website (website code, old files, etc.)
– Change your passwords frequently

tips for creating a business website

12 Tips for Creating a Business Website

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean your website has to look it. Here are 12 of our best tips for creating a business website that will keep your customers coming back for more!
– Avoid curly, cutesy fonts
– Invest in great photos
– Use social proof
– Make sure your site is optimized for mobile users
– Make your site secure
– Have a 404 page
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