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7 Ways To Make A Website On A Budget

A website is the first place a (potential) client turns to if they want to learn more about your products and services. Having a website shouldn’t be open for debate. On the other hand, the cost of it usually is. That is understandable. Rest assured that there are ways you can make a website on a budget.

It is important that you do not only think of ‘financial cost’ when you think of ‘budget’. There are also opportunity costs, such as time. Frankly, any resource can be budgeted, and if we know anything about resources, it is that they are limited. With that in mind, explore the below seven tips teaching you how to make a website on a budget.

Tip 1: Choose a hosting package that offers extra goodies

Included in your website building package are goodies such as a free domain name, and over 200 templates from which to begin creating a fabulous website. This effectively reduces the amount of work that a professional may be required to do. If they do less, they are also paid less. Skeptical, are you? Individually price the goodies of your website building package. Your budget would probably already be maxed.

But remember we talked about thinking of not just the financial aspects of budgeting. Getting a slew of features ready-made for as low as $3.00 monthly will save you time. That time can now be allocated to advancing your business in other ways. One way this time could be repurposed is by learning how to make a website.

Tip 2: Learn how to make a website

Technology is so advanced today that even the least tech-savvy can still create a functional website. Tools and services abound, some free, to take care of the messy bits for you. When you create your website budget, identify those areas you may be able to or wish to do for yourself. Learn how to make a website! By so doing, you achieve two goals. One, you keep costs down; and two, eventually you increase your knowledge, proficiency and control over the operation of your website.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with the many features your website building package comes with. There is a lot of support available to you, and handy tools to help you create the best website.

Tip 3: Consider a one page website

Consider making a one page website. This option allows you to both keep costs down as well as ensure you have a mobile-friendly website. If you need to remind yourself of how to make a website mobile-friendly, we got you covered. This is a great way to start if you are trying to do much of the work yourself. You may also opt for this method if you have limited navigation options, or won’t be using all of the pages and functions your chosen template offers. Simpler website designs are cheaper and quicker. You save by paying a professional only as their services are needed.

Tip 4: Check out gig platforms

Websites that allow multiple professionals to advertise their skills are a great way to save money. Upwork is an example of such a platform. This works in your favor because prices are market driven. Best of all, you are not limited to the market of your country.

In other words, professionals in countries outside the developed world may be able to offer high quality services but at much lower rates.

Finding a price within your budget shouldn’t be too difficult (once it was realistically set). You are usually able to view samples of their work, and hear what others have to say about them before taking the plunge.

Tip 5: Create symbiotic relationships with schools/students

By engaging talented students you can create mutually beneficial relationships. On one hand, you get your website created within budget to a respectable standard. Furthermore, if one student does not know all there is about how to make a website, you suddenly would be benefitting from the combined resources of several students. On the other hand, students hone their respective skills, have their work publicized, earn some money, as well as build a client base.

Tip 6: Make use of everyday items

Chances are right now you are reading this on a smartphone. That phone is equipped with a camera and editing capabilities. Use them.

High quality content can and should be generated from your personal devices if you are trying to stay within a small budget.

Smartphone manufacturers have been producing increasingly superior quality cameras capable of achieving award winning media. Eventually you may choose to upgrade. When you choose to upgrade to more feature-rich editing software, there are several free or low cost options. The key is to be guided by the latest rules governing website development.

Tip 7: Trade-offs

Since there are more important elements of your website than others, consider skimping on some areas to be able to spend a little more on others. For example, instead of having a contact page replete with contact form, use a footer and integrate your social media accounts. This way, your accounts shoulder some of the weight of your website’s contact ‘page’.

Do you really need to be in control of ticket sales or other forms of ecommerce?

Utilize the services of purpose-built companies, such as EventBrite, to handle these bits. Your time, but more importantly money, is now free to be applied to content design and website maintenance.

Instructions on how to make a website are easily found. Guidance on how to make a website on a budget is, like your budget, very limited however. As your business grows, maybe your website budget will as well. Certainly, at minimum there will always be a line item called website maintenance.

As you contemplate the ideas that have been shared, bear in mind your personal needs. But above else, consider the needs of your customers. The point is to provide an efficient well designed website. You may need to use a combination of these suggestions to achieve your goals. In the meantime, exploring these seven hacks on how to make a website on a budget can be your saving grace.