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10 Things Successful Blog Sites Have in Common

Why do successful blog sites manage to get millions of monthly visitors while other equally hardworking bloggers struggle to get more than two people to read their blogs?

The answer is simple: They’re all following a time-tested formula.

That’s not to discredit their hard work. Blogging is difficult. But when it comes down to it, every successful blogger does pretty much the same ten things, whether they blog about how to save the whales or how to make great ponytails. In this article, we break down exactly what those ten things are, and how you can copy them when you make your own website, so you can get results from your blog.

First things first…

Do you know how to start a blog?

It might seem like a cloudy, inscrutable process, but it’s actually pretty easy to learn how to start a blog. If you click here, you can even read our handy guide on how to start a blog and host it for free!

And now, here’s what you really came for: The not-so-secret formula that shows you how to start a great blog.

10 things successful blog sites have in common

These are the ten things that successful blog sites all do, no matter their niche:

1. They share advice for free

When amateurs blog, they often think that the key to success is keeping all their top-tier information to themselves (or selling it at a premium price) and only giving out obvious, almost useless advice for free.

But that’s not how the professionals do it.

The pros usually give away their best advice for free. When they do this, they attract a community of grateful followers who offer the bloggers their undying, loyal support. This includes dutifully reading new posts as soon as they’re posted and making purchases through the blogger’s affiliate links.

It’s a normal human reaction to want to give back to someone we feel has been kind to us.

So, don’t keep your best advice to yourself. Share it with your readers!

2. They’re fueled by passion

You can tell the difference between bloggers who genuinely love the topics they post about and bloggers who are only in it for the fame or the money.

When you’re choosing a topic to blog about, try to choose something you love. Your writing will be warmer and more enthusiastic, and your readers will sense that you truly care about them.

3. They’re easy to read

When amateurs blog, they usually try to use bigger, more complicated words, so they can position themselves as experts. While it’s an excellent strategy to market yourself as the authority in your niche, using complicated jargon isn’t the way to go about it. People who love their craft can usually find the simplest ways to explain it. They can talk about it so clearly that even a five-year-old can understand it.

You don’t need to dumb down your writing. If you absolutely need to use jargon, go ahead and use it; the right readers will find you and love you for it. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you need to use obscure words to get your point across. The easier your posts are to read, the more likely it is that people will keep wanting to read them.

4. They have lots of images

Pictures help to break up large blocks of text and give the eye a bit of a break. Place images strategically and generously throughout your text to make scrolling through your posts a more pleasant experience.

5. They have an “About” page

An “About” page is a great opportunity to let your readers see you in your natural habitat. You can show off what you’re like outside of your blog with a well-chosen photo and a few interesting facts about yourself. This will make your readers feel as though they know you. People don’t read blogs only so they can learn things. They also do it to find a community of people who like the same things they do. So, make it easy for your readers to get to know you by having a great “About” page.

6. They’re optimized for mobile users

The best blogs are optimized so that people can read them whether they’re using their laptops or their mobile phones. You want your readers to be able to interact comfortably with your blog no matter how tiny their screens. That’s why all the websites that you create with our website builder are mobile optimized for effortless scrolling.

7. They have a comment section

Part of creating a warm community involves creating a space for people to interact. A comment section helps keep your readers engaged and coming back for more. Sometimes, when amateurs blog, they don’t include a comment section, because they’re afraid of getting negative comments. But if you’re passionate about what you do, and you keep at it long enough, eventually those few negative comments will be drowned out by the positive ones.

8. They have a clearly defined niche

When you’re just starting out, it’s tempting to blog about every single topic you have an opinion about. But from a marketing standpoint, that would be unwise. You want to make sure that people can summarize what your blog’s about in a couple of sentences, so they can quickly tell their friends about you, and so that they start to associate you with one particular thing.

This will help you create a strong brand.

Once you establish yourself within a niche, you can start branching out. But, at least in the beginning, try to make sure your blog has a clearly defined theme.

9. Separate posts into categories

Separating posts into categories helps organize your posts, which makes it easier for you to blog freely about a variety of topics. This keeps you interesting to your readers and keeps you from getting bored.

10. They know their audience

Professional bloggers never forget that their blog lives or dies by the strength of their audience’s support.

So, if you want to be a professional blogger, this is the most important thing you need to remember: Your blog is not about you. (Yes, that’s true even if your blog is literally about you.) When people come to your blog, they’re not doing it to help you. They’re doing it to help themselves. Maybe they want to be more stylish or more assertive or more productive or more knowledgeable, but you can never forget that everything you post must get your readers one step closer to achieving their goals.

Wrapping up

Starting a blog is a fulfilling way to make money online. You get to create a community of likeminded people, talk about the things you love, and if you use affiliate links and get brand deals, you can even use it to make money!

Now that you know exactly what the pros do to make their blogs successful, you can spend brainstorm blog ideas, so you can create your own amazing blog.